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F comprssion connector

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 Coax F Type Connector, Male, Compression Connector, RG59 Coaxial Cable




The CN-FM1 is a coax F type connector with a male end used with RG59 coaxial cable. This is a compression type connector used in cable applications including CCTV video surveillance. Many professional security installers like to connect this compression F connector to their RG59 cable, then screw on a BNC male to female F connector so that the RG59 can connect to CCTV cameras, DVRs, monitors, and other surveillance equipment that uses a BNC connection. A lot of installers agree that this solution is best because the CN-FM1 is easier to compress on to the coax cable that a BNC compression end. If you have any questions related to how this is done, please call or email us.

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